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May be My Last Blog

Seems the people who run this blog feel I need to start paying $90.00 USD a year to keep posting. I disagree so this will most likely be the last time I sign on…


It has been an interesting way to share my photos with friends, but unless I find another Free blog I guess it has come to an end..



Good Bye.


Bike Ride and Photo Hike

Took the bike down to the water and followed the dirt road all the way to the other end of town. Nice ride except for now my right knee hurts from going up hill. (bike is not the best)… Hope in time my legs will get stronger and I will have less problems with the hills, or maybe after I get my CC bills paid off I can get a better bike.  I do like how easy it is getting to and from the back ( dirt ) road from the RV site, only have to cross one busy street before making my way to the back roads.

During my ride I found several places that people are using as camping sites, both tents and older Rv’s…   Not sure I would want to camp in the area but each to their own.

Came across blue heron and whit egots, just as I came up to some deer the batteries in my camera died. ( really need to check them before leaving )…  At this point I turned around and came home..

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Love the Feds….. NOT*******

Made it back to T or C and when I went shopping for my pills and sheep cheese found out both have been pulled. The cheese was pulled by the feds because of some bull about Spain not importing enough from us????The store manager is trying to find some cheeses to replace it. Sure hope she finds something..

My pills taken off the market because of a few people not taken them correctly and causing problems. Now  people can not get anything for bronchitis  without seeing a doctor first. So now I have to go back to the same Doctor I went to in March that told me to just keep doing what I have been going for the last two years because it was working. Did not feel I needed to spend $100 a month on inhaler when pills that cost $20 a month worked fine. So now to spend $50 to see the Doctor and get a script to spend $100… Tell me again how great the new health care is… Before Obama I spent less than $200 a year on what I needed and had great coverage, now I get messed up every time I turn around..

If you have great insurance and never get meds you need taken away then you will disagree with how I feel…  But most people living as I do know this is true..


Back on the Road Again

Getting ready to leave tomorrow the 11th. Only been cleaning, checking, and storing for four hours.

  • Checked all motor fluids
  • inspected all belts, hoses and tires
  • All lights are working ( had help checking break lights )
  • windshield and mirrors cleaned ( mirrors adjusted for driving )
  • Dumped tanks and stored hoses
  • Cleaned inside floors and oiled
  • Pulled in slide
  • Took down tv ant. nothing on today anyway
  • All loose doors and draws secured for the road
  • All loose items stored ( will need to stop for coffee )

Tomorrow will need to disconnect power, store cords and remainder of outside items before leaving. With luck will be on the road around 7:30am..

Will turn in all forest equipment this afternoon. (done)

My last night in camp sucked!!!!   People that took over the campgrounds did not turn off the LOUD music/television until after 11pm..  I so wanted to drive around the camp at 5am honking my horn. But seeing I did not get up until 6:30 it was 7am before I pulled out.

Stopped in Reo Rancho for supplies and spending three nights at the casino at I-25 ex-252. Good place to make phone calls to line up my next stop.. Then headed south, I think..


My Thoughts About Camp Hosting For National Forest Service

Okay granted this was my first time hosting for the forest service so it may not be completely unbiased.

Arrived at Clear Creek Campgrounds 11 miles east of Cuba NM on May 12th 2016, stayed until end of season Sept. 11th, 2016.

The campgrounds are surrounded by pine trees with a creek running along the outer section and is beautiful. Great place to spend time as a camper. Most of the time it was a good place for camp hosting. I did have to learn a way to deal with people who did not always want to follow the rules. This took some time but by the end of the season I thought I had it down, offer something in trade to get them to do things, mostly it was letting extra cars park free or half price. This seemed to be the answer until a week before my time came to an end.

Lets first go down a list of problems I had.

  • It is okay to openly carry a loaded firearm in camp as long as it is not fired. ( makes me nervous )
  • Campers with large families ( 10-15 ) in one site being loud even into the night after 10pm
  • Having people wake me at 11pm – 2am with silly things like need TP in restrooms, when it still had a full roll.
  • People knocking on my door after hours asking if I knew where an open site was. ( really???) had signs up saying camp was full.
  • People cutting live trees down for fire wood even after being told not to
  • last but the one that made me decide not to return… ( did want to return until this ) Had three men threaten to knock me out when I was asking them not to leave loose trash but to bag it first. ( came in off-road not from camp )….  Now can not get it out of my head.


Now if you are like I was you are asking why did I not call a ranger??? Simple all I have is a radio and by the time I call anything in the people have either left or I was told nothing can be done. This is not like a state park we do not have a ranger here 99.8% of the time. On Wednesday and Thursday I am 100% by my self, no help… I have seen law enforcement maybe 20 times in the four months I have been here and maybe 3 of them on a Saturday or Sunday.

So if you want to host at a national forest be careful… First find out if you have real backup and do phones work??? Phones do not work here so can not even call 911…  Radio only and it takes time to contact anyone…


Now the up side to being a Host here has been

  • Made friends with several repeat campers
  • Fun watching the small kids playing
  • Mostly easy work, except on holiday weekends.
  • Loved hikes I was able to take on my days off
  • Have some nice photos taken at camp and when hiking
  • Except for July camp is very peaceful Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays…
  • Love how green its is
  • never needed A/C
  • Great group of people I was able to work with ( will miss )
  • Great place for walking the dogs and kids all loved petting them ( Stumpy ate it up )


So now I will be looking for a new place next summer, but not with the National Forest again.  As far as I am concerned it is not safe without backup closer than 30 min. away..